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Epiphany is a values-driven creative communications studio that exists to support the growth of individuals, business and organisations whose competitive advantage is anchored on making the world a better place.
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Epiphany is a values-driven creative communications studio that exists to support the growth of individuals, business and organisations whose competitive advantage is anchored on making the world a better place. We believe that a strategic approach to branding and communication is what helps the good guys win, and creates the kind of large-scale cultural shift that values authenticity and sees business as a means to ensuring our collective well-being, not an end only to itself. Our perfect partner operates in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner while delivering essential value to all stakeholders.



Specialising in brand strategy and design, we seek accomplices in a conspiracy to make the world more sustainable, ethical, fair and true. We’re a small but mighty team who thrive on getting involved at the research, strategy, design or development stage. Partners typically come to us for:

Strategy & Planning

Brand Strategy

Brand Planning

Social Media Strategy

Campaign Management

Story and Message Development

Creative Services

Brand Identity

Creative Development

Web Development

Print Design



Integrated Solutions

Content Marketing

Event Management

Public Relations

Social Media

Email Marketing




People are not just expecting business to define a social purpose for the brand, they are demanding it by how they are making purchasing and loyalty choices. Purpose-driven marketing showcases your underpinning commitment to social responsibility, building loyalty and appetite that not only define your brand, but also your profitability.


There’s a story inside every organization and your story is the main way you express your brand purpose and bring your strategy to life. Your audience wants to connect to the story behind your brand and what kind of company stands behind the product or service. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.


Position your community as the hero of your story, engage with them and get to know them, create a culture of contribution, share their stories and celebrate how they are affected, impacted and ultimately changed by the benefits of what you provide.


Getting caught in the price-war culture can be hard to sustain, moving to a value-driven approach means price becomes irrelevant. Value-based communication interconnects your vision and mission with your audiences ethics and values. It delivers significance well beyond price, building strong relationships in ways that benefit all stakeholders.


For centuries inadequacy marketing has been the go-to strategy, generating a dysfunctional and negative media landscape. Empowerment messaging reorients your audience away from the depressed consumer mind-set and toward the empowered citizen worldview, reshaping our society for the better.


Collaborating with partners that share your core values and clear purpose is a powerful way to amplify your voice. Identify opportunities to integrate and showcase your products or services, as more than just stand-alone elements but real world practical solutions.


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